Religion and how it doesn’t work for me.

Woah…it’s been awhile since I blogged about any topic. It’s funny when life throws a bunch of crap at you, how long it takes to cycle through it all. Now this post of a bit of a rant and my realization of things within the last few months. If your easily offended stop right now. This isn’t for the faint of hearts.

Spiritually speaking, ( since this is my spiritual blog) I’m have cycled through many religions. From catholic to paganism. Right now though I’m not feeling any form of organized religion. Reason being, I’m sick of the extremists. I hate the rules that people have put in place to follow said religions. I also hate forcing myself to be a religion because my family is. Hear me out…

I have seen the extremists from Christianity and even paganism. ( yes there are extremists in paganism) Even atheists have some as well. I even tried to be one of those extremists. Read a ton of books. Burn this herb at this time to get this effect they said. Did any of it work for me? Not at all.

I found the books uninteresting. Honestly there is only so much you can write about Isis before you become redundant in what your saying. And most of the new age mumbo jumbo that’s out there is peoples opinions and not actually based on anything.

Once again burn this candle at this time on this day while the moon is pointing in this direction. I’m trying to get closer to some sort of deity not solve the world hunger. ( I can get a tad over the top sometimes)

Point being after the five years I have tried to be pagan and fail miserably, I’m moving forward. I do believe there is a higher power. Does he control whether or not I am happy? Or when a certain event should happen in my life. Probably not. That’s why you have to take the initial step to find happiness in your life.

Don’t read books because someone told you to. Read them because you honestly find them interesting.

Don’t follow a religion just because your family does. I’m a prime example. I stopped following a religion because I didn’t like the way it made me feel at this end of the day. I shouldn’t feel guilty for the decisions I make. Because in the end it is what I wanted at that exact moment in time. There is nothing wrong with that.

I’m sure there are a ton of people out there that organized religion works for them. I guess I’m part of the group that it doesn’t. Go ahead and pray that one day I may find Jesus. (I have actually met like twenty of them…lol)
I’ll take your blessing and thank you for the kind words. But Jesus isn’t going to save me when I’m falling off a building or even when I get my heart broken. I have to help myself in those situations.

PBP: A is for Amber Week 2

Hello friends! I started up the Pagan Blog Project again. Lets hope I follow through with a weekly post now. 

This week I decided to do Amber. Reason being is that I have actually started doing research in Norse Traditions. When I was reading about Freya crying tears of Amber while searching for her husband, I figured this would be a perfect post for week 2! I don’t own much amber actually, which is surprising. I ended up adding it to my collection this week while I was at the Spiritual store.

Amber is interesting enough is not a crystal or a gem. It comes from the extinct evergreen tree in a fossilized resin form. This process takes about twenty to fifty millions years to harden. Since Amber is a form of a resin it is a very soft material and lightweight. Some samples of Amber have actually been found with bugs in them, allowing scientists to study them further in detail. Amber is found in mostly yellow and deep golden shades. You may find red, green, or brown samples though. In ancient Greek times, it was considered to be the juice essence of the setting sun and charged with solar energy. Amber was sacred to the god Helios, who is said to drive the sun across the sky in his chariot. In Celtic society, it was a sign of wealth and status. Most of the time it was set in silver or gold in fine brooches. 

Using Amber for healing purposes, the color is a warm and cheering to the spirits. It brings a sense of renewal and recharge to energy levels. Amber can also be used to restore the stomach, kidneys and spleen. It also supports the immune system. It can strengthen the lower back, pelvis and reproductive organs. Amber can also help regenerate energy in the solar plexus and sacral chakra centers, helping to stabilize and ground emotions. It stimulates a positive attitude and improves self-confidence. In healing layouts, place amber pieces over the throat, the solar plexus, the naval and on each side of the pelvis to regenerate and strengthen the body. If you need to balance your emotions, wear amber as any piece of jewelry.

Pagan pride success!

Wow…it is november already. Im still in awe about it. Anyway, I had earlier posts that stated that I was selling my jewelry at pagan pride this year. It is something I always wanted to do. The “craft show” atomsphere always gets my heart pumping. To my surprise I did fantastically well at both and will be going back next year. I am hoping though I have a bigger stock of product other than jewelry. Im extremely grateful for the people who ran both pagan prides. They let me in open arms, even asked if I needed help setting up and such. It warmed my heart that they were so kind to me. The people who attended the event were just at awesome at the event planners. I had so many people compliment my jewelry! It feels so good to have someone compliment your artwork. 

I plan on bringing my jewelry to other craft shows in the near future. Lots of plans are in the works. Good, positive energy! Have a great day and thanks for reading.

Q is for Quartz

I have decided to start up the pagan blog project again. I am going to go back and do all the ones I missed plus the weekly one. I missed blogging so much. I am happy I am able to do it again.

Anyway! Quartz. Growing up, quartz was one of my favorite stones. When we would go to the mall, there was a store that sold them. I remember always picking them up, feeling the ridges. Especially the quartz points.

I use quartz in my practice for mostly cleansing. I leave some in my tarot card bag with some citrine and amethyst.  I also leave four quartz points on my altar near my candles. It is a gentle cleansing stone that gets rid of all the psychic debris that can linger around places. It helps realign and refocus the body, mind and spirit towards clear goals. It amplifies the thoughts that have been programmed into it. Also, quartz helps to increase your power of concentration and focus.

For healing you can use quartz over the crown, solar plexius and root chakras to clear your system or you can use it to balance your body by placing one in your right hand and one in your left.

There are actually 12 different types of quartz.  The quartz that I am speaking of is clear quartz.

ImageAnd here is my tarot card deck with the stones I keep with it. Image

I am happy to say that I am back to blogging! Every week a new topic. You will also see some of the back pagan blog project since I want to catch up.  I also may switch over to blog spot. Thanks for reading and stay beautiful!


Hi friends! So…I haven’t been as active lately as I usually am. Probably because at one point I was working three jobs plus trying to get things together for Pagan Pride.  Pagan pride went wonderful things year! I was able to be a vender this year because of a friend letting me share his booth. (Thanks Lou!) I also was able to gain a another vender spot at Central Illinois Pagan Pride, Which I am SUPER excited about. Next year I hope I am able to do a couple pagan prides next year, even travel to other states. That would be exciting.

I also did a workshop with another friend of mind called Paganism 101. We decided to do it because we feel that there is tons of stigma against pagans. This workshop pretty much taught the basics. Different Pagan symbols and the holidays. To be honest that was all we were able to cover in the 45 minute slot we were given. It worked out in the end because the group of people that attended were so responsive! It was more of a group discussion rather than the two of us just standing up there and talking. We are defiantly doing another workshop again next year.

I thought I would touch a little on what I have been going through job wise. I remember talking about earlier how I became a hair stylist. I ended up getting a great job as a receptionist at a salon. I wasn’t doing hair but I was at least in a salon. I decided though to try getting into a salon actually doing hair. I have had the hardest time finding a job like that. Everyone wants experience but no one wants to give experience. Typical go around. I finally ended up at a salon, which was exciting. So I put in my two weeks and decided to move along. Just two days again they decided to take me off the schedule because I need more training. Needless to say I am devastated. I left a perfect job. I was comfortable, the employees like me. It was great, to this. I am disappointed in myself the most.  I know I shouldn’t be but it does suck. I am kind of at a lost right now of what to do. Do I continue looking for another hair job? Or try and fight my way back onto the schedule. I feel as though this is a blessing and a curse. And the gods are just trying to tell me that there is more out there than making money. Money helps though and I have very little coming in at the moment.

Has this happened to anyone else? Has the gods showed you something in a way that you are not familiar with? Leave your comments below. I love to hear from you guys.

Pagan Pride

Hello friends! I know I have no been posting much that is because I am a busy bee with work and getting ready for Pagan Pride in my area. 

This year I am sharing a booth with a friend of mine. He is selling candles he has made while I am selling the jewelry I have made. I am a nervous wreck over too. I have only ever sold my jewelry to friends and on Etsy. I haven’t made too many sales on Etsy either. I have my doubts about doing this. Will people even bother buying anything. Am I wasting my time? I have to say though I have my doubts. My doubts are the gasoline in this adventure. 

This time around though I am going full throttle with it. I started actually doing commissioned work. I am actually making a necklace for my friends wedding at the end of September. I have business cards being made. I may actually start doing other craft shows as well or even try getting my jewelry in some small business stores that are in my area. I have even thought of opening my own new age shop in the area. Big plans for me to say the least. We will see where this road takes me. 

And if it all fails, well I still have my etsy shop and my blog. :D

Anyway, I will be posting more pictures of the jewelry that I have made as well as my link to my etsy shop. Currently my shop is closed due to me trying to get ready for pagan pride. I will be reopening my shop on September 9th though. I guess you can call it the Grand Re-opening of Sophia’s Magical Box! And if you are in the chicagoland area stop by my booth at Pagan Pride! That is all for me! Thanks for reading and stay beautiful. <3

Occult symbols in mainstream

Hello! Went to warped tour yesterday in Chicago. I have been waiting all year for that concert. I had a BLAST with my niece. We were able to see every band we wanted to see. The reason why I am writing this specific blog today is the amount of occult symbols that many of these bands are using. Example: Bring Me The Horizon. They are a BIG one. I was walking around looking at peoples shirts and was like WHHHAAATT? The Thelema symbol is a huge one that they use. I started snooping around to see if they actually practiced. Of course all I found was Bring Me the Horizon use SATANTIC symbols. -.- I pretty much stopped snooping after that. I thought it was cool though that they used the symbols. It angers me bit only because I find that those symbols are pretty damn powerful.

Next up is I have decided to try and go vegetarian. Try is a key word. I find it super hard. I live in a house with two guys and they both constantly say Oh you should eat meat. I will defiantly post my progress for you guys and maybe share recipes. Have a great day guys!