PBP: A is for Altar

So I decided to actually start blogging again in 2013. What motivated me to is the Pagan Blog Project. While I was cruising through tumblr pagan tag, I noticed someone had posted about it. I have started other blogs but they have never actually took off or I just lost interest with them due to other things going on in my life. Of course I probably won’t post everyday but I will at least post every friday (at least try lol).

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Jen (my spiritual name is Sophia). I’m 25 years young. I am happily married to the love of my life, four years going strong. I just recently graduated from cosmetology school and am actively looking for a job. I am not your typical Pagan, but I guess most Pagans would say that (I will get to explaining my path later on though.)

Moving on to the topic at hand….Altars! I have one. It is tiny and on shelves right now due to currently living with my father. I don’t have much room to practice but I make do. ImageThis is the first shelf. This shelf mostly has stuff that I use everyday. My altar doesn’t change with the seasons. That blue box has all my precious stones in it. (I just noticed that I had a little lego guy on there!) Incense burner is in front because I pretty much burn one incense a day to calm my nerves. I actually haven’t used that candle yet, but I thought it was a pretty silver. That green goddess in the back is a candle holder as well, for tea lights. I have a little pocket green man up there so that whenever I feel like I need him, I stick him in my pocket. You may not be able to see it but I have an Amethyst tree in the back. That has to be my fave precious gem….moving on. That brown thing in the back is a three tea light candle holder. In between the tea lights there are precious gems. I have a pine cone on there too from a friend. And last but not least behind the silver candle is a device that moves water through it. It sounds really pretty. ImageTop shelf has alot more on it. My various prayer beads hang on from the shelves. This shelf is kinda chaotic to most people…because there is alot going on but because of my limited space…I had to do it. There are two isis’s, one bigger than the other. My snow globe has a angel inside. The pretty ceramic flower was my grandma’s and was given to me when my grandfather passed. There is a dolphin in the back because it is one of my totem animals. And in the back is my katana. This maybe strange having a katana on my altar but the reason why I have one is for protection against negativity.Also it can be used in case there is a zombie outbreak….Just taking precautions.

Thats it! It is small but it is the only space I really only have to myself at the moment. I hope you enjoyed my first blog post and hope you join me in more to come! Blessed Be! <3

6 thoughts on “PBP: A is for Altar

  1. First off: Yay some one close to my age (27)

    Secondly: I think you did great with the space you have. I noticed the Dragon on the top shelf, does the Dragon have any specific symbolism for you?

    My PBP post was also about altars and how they can form. I also had some exercises that some people may find useful in developing their altars. I would love to have one room in the house to be set aside as a temple, and I hope to some day have that. For now I use what works as well.

    I lived in a group home and that altar was very small. Good luck with your self and your development.

    • Thank you! And good luck to you as well.

      I’m not big into dragon magic but I do see them around me sometimes. Plus I thought it was so cool that it was made completely out of saw dust and glue. :)

  2. I have to say, I made a little yip of delight at your comment 25 years young! Not because “Oh, another altar lover my age!” but because I am so far past the 25 year mark that I actually hang out with people who say “years young” and I always hate it. I mean really, I’ve been trying to get older since I was about 11 and I see no reason to stop now!
    Now, when I hear that, I’ll think of you and smile.
    I also love seeing you altar and realize that if I clean my office, I will enjoy the lovely altar in there as much as the one in the living room.

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