B is for Book of Shadows

I realized how late this was but it is still Friday where I am at! Sorry for the lateness I had a terrible headache today and work as well.  Hope everyone had a fabulous week thus far.

This week I am writing about Book of Shadows as for me it is more like Books of Shadows. For people who are new to this a Book of Shadows is a journal that you keep your spirituality notes, where it be poems, rituals, prayers, infomation about your deities etc. Anything you feel that should go in your book of shadows put in it. It the best record keeper for your spiritual practice. It is more of a wiccan thing I guess since Gerald Gardner created the first ever Book of Shadows in the 1940s.


Never the less, I have about five. Five different journals that all have different info in them. None of them are filled up. I am still constantly finding new stuff to put in them daily. The top one is small book of prayers that I have yet to include in my daily practice. Next the red one are rituals/prayers number 2. The pink one is for my dreams. I have been trying to keep it next to my bed so I can record them but I haven’t been able to lately. The orangy, yellow one is for general information, Mostly have the esbats and the sabbats, crystal meanings, runes meanings. The the black one is more of a sketch book with Tarot information, Kabbalah, and some bible verses that I find to be pretty awesome.

I have tried many different ways to keep my spiritual journals and to be honest this way works for me. I only carry one of them at a time if I need too.  Down the line I will probably have these puppies filled up and start new ones. I know this one was a tad short but I wanted to be able to share this with you guys! Thank you for sharing another friday with me and hope to see you again next week! <3

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