C is for Candlemas


When the land is covered in a snowy cloak.

The Days are cold but spring is near

And all Earth’s Creatures begin to cheer.

SO bless the candles and their light

And let them burn away the night.

Sabbaths of the Northern Hemisphere by Shanddaramon

Imbolc or Candlemas is about the Goddess and the Sun God reuniting. (Reunited and it feels so good!) It is also about the returning of the Light/Sun. Days will start to get longer at this point, which I am extremely excited about since it has been bitterly cold the last couple days. Personally I cannot wait for spring/summer. Anyway!

In Celtic traditions this holiday is also called Brigid’s day. From my understanding this is pretty much where most of the lore of the holiday originated from. Brigid is the goddess of fertility, creativity, inspiration, metal-smiting, and medicine. She was also a healer as well as a guardian of children. She was the bridge waiting for her Sun God to return to her.

This holiday is defiantly one that explores the comfort food spectrum in my opinion. Hearty foods, like breads, pancakes, muffins. Also seeds because they symbolize fertility. Foods that defiantly warm up the home when made. For the ancestors it was very cold for them during this time, so anything that can warm up your belly should be made on this holy day.  Incense of this holiday are Basil, Wisteria, Cinnamon, Violet, Vanilla, Myrrh. Stones of Imbolc are Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Turquoise. Some activities that you can partake in are Candle Lighting, Stone Gatherings, Snow Hiking and Searching for Signs of Spring. You can also make some Brigid Crosses or Candle Wheels. Lastly, gather your friends and have a Bon Fire outside. (If you have the space for it of course)

This holiday is about new beginnings, purity, growth and the reunion with the god and the goddess.

Sadly since my kitchen is under a bit of construction right now, I will not be able to make anything for the holiday. Which is upsetting since I had a new recipe I wanted to try out. No worries though, I am sure I can think of something. ┬áI personally don’t have anything rituals plan as of yet for the day but I will defiantly post pictures of my altar for it.

That is all for now…or and I hope that groundhog does not see his shadow because I am tired of this cold! Have a good one folks. <3

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