D is for Dolphin


Hello friends! I am a little behind schedule with my blog but do not fret! I will catch up in no time. I am motivated! Nothing will stop this spiritual person! :D

I like to think that dolphin are one of my animal totems. My whole entire life I have been obsessed with them. Growing up I wished I could be one…also wished I could be an otter too. Whenever I was in any type of water, I would pretend to be one. I would swim like them. Try to make sounds like them. Also would make up silly stories in my head about being one. Needless to say, I was in love. When I grew older I started doing research on them.

Dolphins themselves represent the power of breath and sound. Their cycle of power is all year round. They may live in the sea but are mammals, so they actually require to come up to the surface to breath.  Water is the symbol of creation, passion, new dimensions and forces. Embracing the dolphins energy in your life can help teach you the power of breathing and different techniques behind breathing. If we embrace the proper way of breathing, it can induce altered states and align oneself with new dimensions of life. It can help you learn how to be more passionate and sexual, it can also help heal the body, mind and spirit. People with lung and breathing problems can benefit greatly if they align themselves with Dolphin medicine. The dolphin has a rhythm to its breathing and when you learn how to breath like a dolphin, it can show you places and times that existed before the great seas that covered the world. Dolphins can lead you to underground caverns and primordial beginnings of yourself.

Dolphins also have a sonar ability, where they basically communicate in clicks. Sound is a creative life force. Sound came forth out of the womb of silence and created all things. Learn to create inner sounds that can manifest in your life.

Sound requires breath and water is the unformed creative element that we can shape into any manifestation.

Thank you guys once again for all your continued support even when I was going through a rough time. You have no idea how much it means to me. Thanks and Be Blessed.

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