Q is for Quartz

I have decided to start up the pagan blog project again. I am going to go back and do all the ones I missed plus the weekly one. I missed blogging so much. I am happy I am able to do it again.

Anyway! Quartz. Growing up, quartz was one of my favorite stones. When we would go to the mall, there was a store that sold them. I remember always picking them up, feeling the ridges. Especially the quartz points.

I use quartz in my practice for mostly cleansing. I leave some in my tarot card bag with some citrine and amethyst.  I also leave four quartz points on my altar near my candles. It is a gentle cleansing stone that gets rid of all the psychic debris that can linger around places. It helps realign and refocus the body, mind and spirit towards clear goals. It amplifies the thoughts that have been programmed into it. Also, quartz helps to increase your power of concentration and focus.

For healing you can use quartz over the crown, solar plexius and root chakras to clear your system or you can use it to balance your body by placing one in your right hand and one in your left.

There are actually 12 different types of quartz.  The quartz that I am speaking of is clear quartz.

ImageAnd here is my tarot card deck with the stones I keep with it. Image

I am happy to say that I am back to blogging! Every week a new topic. You will also see some of the back pagan blog project since I want to catch up.  I also may switch over to blog spot. Thanks for reading and stay beautiful!

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