PBP: A is for Amber Week 2

Hello friends! I started up the Pagan Blog Project again. Lets hope I follow through with a weekly post now. 

This week I decided to do Amber. Reason being is that I have actually started doing research in Norse Traditions. When I was reading about Freya crying tears of Amber while searching for her husband, I figured this would be a perfect post for week 2! I don’t own much amber actually, which is surprising. I ended up adding it to my collection this week while I was at the Spiritual store.

Amber is interesting enough is not a crystal or a gem. It comes from the extinct evergreen tree in a fossilized resin form. This process takes about twenty to fifty millions years to harden. Since Amber is a form of a resin it is a very soft material and lightweight. Some samples of Amber have actually been found with bugs in them, allowing scientists to study them further in detail. Amber is found in mostly yellow and deep golden shades. You may find red, green, or brown samples though. In ancient Greek times, it was considered to be the juice essence of the setting sun and charged with solar energy. Amber was sacred to the god Helios, who is said to drive the sun across the sky in his chariot. In Celtic society, it was a sign of wealth and status. Most of the time it was set in silver or gold in fine brooches. 

Using Amber for healing purposes, the color is a warm and cheering to the spirits. It brings a sense of renewal and recharge to energy levels. Amber can also be used to restore the stomach, kidneys and spleen. It also supports the immune system. It can strengthen the lower back, pelvis and reproductive organs. Amber can also help regenerate energy in the solar plexus and sacral chakra centers, helping to stabilize and ground emotions. It stimulates a positive attitude and improves self-confidence. In healing layouts, place amber pieces over the throat, the solar plexus, the naval and on each side of the pelvis to regenerate and strengthen the body. If you need to balance your emotions, wear amber as any piece of jewelry.

2 thoughts on “PBP: A is for Amber Week 2

  1. Neat! I wasn’t aware that it was from an extinct tree. I’ll have to read up on it.

    And I’ve been looking for something healing for the solar plexus, so I’m grateful that you wrote about that here, and I can try it. Thanks! :)

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